The Mission of the Festival is to share this Message as beautifully as possible;

The raw food diet & lifestyle is synonymous with a lifestyle where, as much as possible, pure foods as nature presents them to us, are consumed. The raw food lifestyle ensures that the human being is in harmony with living nature and that through detoxification and optimal nourishment, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are improved. So much so, that one can undergo an irreversible transformation, which not only benefits the individual, but has positive consequences for the whole world. The raw food diet is 100% vegetable (plant based), as well as gluten and lactose free.

When following a 70% to 80% raw food diet it is possible to experience many of the positive effects while the body gently detoxifies.




The annual Dutch Raw Food & Lifestyle Festival is organized by the ‘Stichting Raw Food Nederland’. (Foundation Raw Food Netherlands).

‘Stichting Raw Food Nederland’ is a non-profit organisation dedicated to informing a wide audience about the philosophy and benefits of the raw food lifestyle.