Speed Dating Game

Do you want to meet your one true love? Probably you would like it if they had a conscious eating style like you. Therefore, the Dutch Raw Food & Lifestyle Festival will offer raw vegan speed dating for the first time this year!
Who better to facilitate it than Veronique and Erik, who first met at the DRFF in 2013 and married in 2016!

How it works

For a minimum 16 (8 men and 8 women) to max 40 (20 men and 20 women)

Register below, with your name, profile name and email address. These details won’t be made public but will allow us to put you in touch with your choices after the workshop.

Veronique & Erik will guide the participants into a heart centred relaxed space. We start the exercise with a few seconds of eye contact between every participant. Then sitting in a double circle, women on the outer, men on the inner, the men rotate the room, spending a couple of minutes speaking with each woman there.

Everyone will wear their profile name on a sticker and you will have pen and paper to make a note in case you think the person opposite you is a match. After everyone has had a chance to meet, you give your list of choices to Veronique and Erik. They will check all the lists and whenever there is a match you will be given each other’s email addresses via email, within a few days after the event.

There is only a match when both people like each other. Your contact details won’t be sent to someone who likes you, unless you like them as well.

Register here

Gender ManWoman

*These details won’t be made public.


Raw vegan LGBT? We care about you too!

The speed dating game will be for women looking for men and vice versa. However, we don’t want to exclude anyone so this is what we can do for you if you’re a man looking for a man, a woman looking for a woman or you have any other orientation preference. Drop an email direct to Veronique and Erik stating your wishes and they will pass on your contact details to anyone else contacting them with a matching wish!

Make some love at the Dutch Raw Food Festival and register now to ensure your space!!!