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Chef’s Showcase

Russell James/The Raw Chef 

Russell James/The Raw Chef will prepare and demo Lychee Ceviche with Smoked Cashew Cheese and share insights on what’s worked for him towards joyful holistic living. This tasty recipe is one of many ways on how to make raw & plant-based foods part of your everyday life.
At the age of 28, Russell took a life-changing trip to Koh Samui, Thailand to clear up the acne that had plagued him for years. It was there he discovered raw food.

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Russell’s mission is to make raw food accessible every day. Whether it’s raw sandwiches or show-stopping dinner parties, your meals can be amazingly healthy.
Today, Russell has had the pleasure of teaching raw food to thousands of people worldwide. Students have learned through his podcasts, eBooks, live classes and online courses at 

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Finding your own rhythm, the integration of Yoga & a Plant Based diet

Short presentation on the wonderful combination of yoga and a plant based diet and how it can bring a new balance. To become more aware of your body and your emotional world, what it is asking for and ways to break patterns.
A recipe demonstration on how to make your own nut milk and breakfasts to start the day (cold and warm options depending on the season and your constitution). And what to do with the pulp of the nut milk? Learn how to make these amazing cinnamon rolls with orange frosting! With tasting & recipes.
Followed by an interactive kundalini yoga set that you can also do at home (see afternoon programme)

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Speaker biography: Marianne is next to being a yoga teacher and Kundalini Yoga Coach, a certified Raw food and Plant Based Chef and Holistic Health Educator. After many years of stomach pain she healed herself through a plant based (raw) diet and daily yoga practise. It is all about unlocking what is stuck, in your own rhythm and with patience and trust in the process. It is her passion to help people to find their way into the energy-rich plant based kitchen. Cleaning your system, a better digestion, experience new life energy. A process towards more mental clarity, more presence and peace, emotional balance, stronger immune system & weight that fits your body.
With her company KOKO Kitchen she offers retreats, workshops and catering and she works at a great yoga studio in Amsterdam as a cook., Facebook: KOKO Kitchen 

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Inspirational Speakers

Amy Rachelle. Lecture – Raw Food & You… 

Raw Food & You… Description: Eating raw food can mean different things for a variety of people. Some do eat for health, others for taste, some based on a fad, and others to simply feel and look their best. In this informative and educational talk, for beginners and the advanced, learn why and what to expect, in your body, in yourself, socially, and with family – from expert Raw Food and detox naturopath Dr. Amy Rachelle, ND. Amy has experienced many different stages of the raw food path both personally and professionally since her journey with raw began in 1996. Her compelling and charismatic approach to raw includes not only food, yet also the understanding of emotions, family and social dynamics – and real life issues – we face forging our own path.

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Dr. Amy Rachelle, ND – Bio

Dr. Amy’s Pure Raw offers programs for feeling vibrant and strong in your body, mind, and spirit. Be inspired and informed. Learn how to be healthier, beginner to advanced, in your time, where you’re at.

Amy has worked in the U.S. and abroad since 2000, guiding thousands of people through her rawfood and detox programs. Based in New York City and Bali, Indonesia – Amy is a naturopath specializing in raw and whole food nutrition combined with detoxification, and understanding oneself, science to spirit. She is co-founder of The Ark detox and breathwork center in Ubud, Bali where she offers rawfood chef certification and detox programs, along with her new Holistic Nutrition & Detox Teachers Training Course. She’s touring Europe and USA this summer with her partner teaching their combined work on detox and breathwork, called Gateways To Intimacy.

Her work is a successful and proven formula that helps people to:

• develop lifelong habits for eating and living healthy – where you’re at – physical to emotional, personal to professional.
• balance body weight
• heal skin imbalances (acne, psoriasis, excema, etc)
• be free of digestive difficulties: colitis, constipation, bloating, headaches, candida, gas, headaches, dark circles under eyes, back pain, & fatigue
• emotional issues: understand yourself, feel purposeful, be free of depression, balance mental stability, heal relationships, gain clarity
anti-aging: turn back the hands of time, regain skin elactiscity, feel fresh and whole with more energy, greater vibrancy, and a vibrant presence.

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Janneke van der Meulen

The Win-Win diet – the science behind the diet that’s best for everyone and everything. Lecture in Dutch by top athlete and author Janneke van der Meulen.
Becoming healthy, fit and strong is actually quite simple, although nowadays it appears to be very complex. Who should we believe if we want to lose weight? Where should we start if we want to become stronger? What should we do to simply be fit? Healthy? Energetic?
We are always getting contradictory guidelines, even from our government! All of these opposing messages lead to confusion and scepticism about a healthy diet.

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It’s complicated. Or does it just seem to be complicated?
Professional athlete and author, Janneke van der Meulen will explain, based on the best current science, that when things become too complex, we just need to go back to the basics. The basics are simple, tasty, fast, healthy and logical. Very, very logical. And win-win! Everything and everyone gets better and wins. Who doesn’t want this?!

Come to this mind-blowing talk and get inspired! 

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Manely Batista- Director/producer of Wim Hof ‘The Ice Man’ Film

Manely Vives Batista is a Dutch/Catalan artist and filmmaker with Andalusian roots. Manely focuses on films and projects that matter with social and humane values. To this purpose he set up the Ellamo Foundation and later the production company Maria Isabel Productions (M.I.P.). His fiction feature films will always incorporate a theme of human and social interest as well. They are inherent to the nature of Manely, the artist, who has been passionate about social sciences and humanity from an early age.

Currently, the Wim Hof Film is in production. Manely wishes to share the story how Wim Hof became The Ice Man.

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Wim has set 28 World Records & is on a mission to share the Wim Hof Method with the world. Through breathing and cold exposure you too can improve your health and overcome illness. We follow Wim’s journey from birth & artistically present it with aspects of his progress in medical science. This method is endorsed by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins and Joe Rogan! It is possible to spread the love by helping crowd fund this cutting-edge international feature film! & 

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Maryse Moerel

Waarom heeft bijna iedereen probiotica nodig? Maar waarom werken de producten op de markt niet? Lezing door Maryse Moerel
Bijna alle gezondheid en ziekte begint in de darmen. Als het evenwicht eenmaal verstoort is heeft dit langjarige en verstrekkende consequenties. De juiste probiotica vormt onderdeel van het genezingsproces. Maar weinig mensen weten wat ze allemaal met probiotica kunnen doen en hebben moeite om aan een werkzame vorm te komen. Het is lastig om tussen alle niet werkzame producten je geld uit te geven aan een product dat werkt. Als de gezondheid van

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de darmen helemaal de weg is kwijt geraakt is er meer nodig dan alleen probiotica. Hoe ga je om met gecomprimeerde darmen? 

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Lecture and Q&A, The Fruitarian Lifestyle With Michel Fruitarian Solarian, Mees Vulling and Linda Schaap

Even in the world of the raw foods there are so many different approaches that it’s hard to know where to start if you are new to the raw food movement. High carb low fat, low carb high fat, all fruit or including vegetables and so on. Michel, Mees and Linda all have their own story and are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience they have gathered on their lifestyles with you all. The three will give you an insight into the power of fruit and how it can completely change the physical, mental and spiritual state and how they got into raw food in the first place.

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Some of the topics they will cover are:
*Why fruitarianism?
– Perfect Wealth
– Spiritual aspects
*How to transit from cooked food to fruitarianism?
*What’s beyond fruitarianism?
*Benefits & disadvantages of fruitarianism
However, there will be room for questions during the seminar as they feel this way most of topics the audience wants to hear will be covered. Seminar can either be in English or in Dutch depending on the wishes of the audience.

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Pluk je Eigen Superfoods Lezing met Linda Schaap

Ik werk ondertssen alweer 3 jaar met raw foods. De superfood hype heb ik echter nooit zo goed begrepen. Iets in mijn systeem zei: ‘dit kan anders’. Waarom zouden we peper dure bessen en poeders importeren uit exotische landen terwijl hier ook van alles groeit? Alleen weet niemand (meer) wat de kracht van deze voeding is. In andere , wilde kruiden, culturen is deze waardevolle kennis minder ver weggezakt. Dat is een van de de redenen dat veel superfoods uit exotische landen komen. Niet omdat ze hier niet groeien. Superfoods are everywhere! Langzaamaan kwamen er mensen op mijn pad die kennis hadden over wilde kruiden. Stapje voor stapje ben ik zelf wilde kruiden gaan plukken en gebruiken.

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Ik merkte hoe enorm krachtig en heilzaam ze in mijn systeem werkten. Vandaar dat ik dieper in de materie dook. Afgelopen winter ben ik bijvoorbeeld begonnen met de online cursus van Lynn: Urban foraging & wise woman healing. Wat ik van haar leer? Hoe je kruiden herkent, goed plukt, verwerkt en hoe ze medicinaal te gebruiken. De natuur is briljanter dan wij denken, letterlijk. 

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Overzicht Alternatieve geneeswijzen Lezing door Ir. Menno van der Hurk 

Descriptie lezing/workshop: Lezing over alternatieve geneeswijzen waarbij gedegen onderzoek is gedaan en resultaten zijn behaald. We concentreren op ons echte wetenschappers van de afgelopen honderd jaar zoals Nikola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife en Dr. Robert Beck. Aandacht voor de verschillende onderzoeken en een uitleg wat er met dit onderzoek is gebeurd en waarom u er nooit iets leest in de krant.

Spreker Biographie: Het Kennis Instituut helpt u graag opweg in het oerwoud van alernatieve geneeswijzen.

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Wetenschapper Menno van der Hurk doet al jaren onderzoek naar complementaire en alternatieve geneeswijzen en heeft de zin van de (soms zeer gevaarlijke) onzin gescheiden. Alleen die geneeswijzen waarbij gedegen onderzoek is gedaan en door verschillende artsen een goed resultaat is bereikt worden aangeboden. 

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Jouke van den Berg, Moringa, the multivitamin plant more

Introduction to the versatility of the Miracle Tree, how to use, the home growing of a tree for your own use and more.
As a child, Jouke was busy with plants and animals, bred anything that would grow in the horticulture where he was born and studied later in medicinal herbs and their effects. In 2013, the Moringa plant came in his path and he decided to stay there. Until now, he is the only grower in the European continent being able to grow this plant at large scale.

Chaga – Guide to the Magical World of Medicinal Mushrooms with Jaakko Halmetoja (Finland)

This lecture offers a broad look into the world of medicinal mushrooms – their benefits, history and ways of use. How can we utilize and learn from the kingdom of fungi / mushrooms in a practical way? How can we benefit from medicinal mushrooms in order to support f.e. your microbiome & immune system? During the presentation we’ll dive deeper into the history and therapeutic properties, as well as practical and culinary aspects of chaga, reishi and other medicinal mushrooms.

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Jaakko Halmetoja is a nutrition expert, author, entrepreneur and public speaker from Finland. Jaakko has created and managed multiple raw food caféterias / elixir bars and worked as an advisor & development manager for many superfood brands in Finland and abroad. For a past decade, Halmetoja has been popularizing health benefits and unique uses of e.g. medicinal mushrooms, superfoods, chocolate, wild foods, various berries and medicinal herbs. Halmetoja maintains a non-profit website, a database for finding local springs around Finland and hosts weekly talk show – InspiRadio Podcast. Jaakko gives around 100 public lectures per year and has written a 300-page book about Chaga mushroom (p. 2012, in Finnish). 

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Natuurlijk gezond met etherische oliën, Drs. Annet van Dorsser, CEO en Diamond Leader dōTERRA

Etherische oliën zijn de voorlopers van onze moderne medicijnen en veel krachtiger dan de meesten van ons beseffen. Je kunt ze gebruiken als natuurlijke huisapotheek, door je eten en drinken doen (als je de zuivere hebt), verdampen voor je lichamelijke en emotionele gezondheid, er natuurlijke huishoudelijke artikelen en schoonheidsproducten mee maken, mee masseren, huisdieren mee helpen etc.

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Drs. Annet van Dorsser is founder en CEO van en Diamond Leader in dōTERRA. Ze heeft in korte tijd al duizenden mensen in contact gebracht met de prachtige oliën van dōTERRA en kan er vol passie over vertellen. Op het Raw Food Festival geeft ze om 12.30 uur een leuke presentatie, waar je zelf deze oliën kunt proeven, ruiken en voelen. Verder kun je de hele dag bij de stand van terecht waar we je graag wegwijs maken in de boeiende wereld van medicinale planten en je kunnen helpen met persoonlijke vragen.

Ons doel is je bewust te maken van wat je zelf met natuurlijke middelen voor je gezondheid en die van je familie, vrienden en huisdieren kunt doen. Je bent van harte welkom bij de presentatie en de stand van

De healer van de toekomst ben je zelf … 😉 

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Amazing Activities

Pangaia Cacao Dance Ceremony

Come and dance! Waking up the body with a sweet dance journey keeps your head clear for new information to come in….
The 5 elements dance activation™ is a guided dance journey through the natural elements of ether, water, fire, air, earth. Each element is touched upon through music, breathwork and other playful elements. While getting in touch with the elements in ourselves we become more grounded and balanced in our bodies and our essence. We make a warm hearted connection with ourselves and each other while we use the cacao as our guiding spirit..

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Cacao, the ‘food of the gods’ is one of the most mysterious foods on this planet. The seeds (beans) of the cacao fruit contain more than 1200 constituents.
It has been used by the Maya in all of their rituals for hundreds of years as a plant teacher.
Cacao is full of goodies like antioxidants, love chemicals and minerals like magnesium, iron and copper. Cacao is the only plant source that contains anandamide, a cannabinoid also known as ‘the bliss chemical”.
The Pangaia Cacao Elixir has a base of the following organic and vegan ingredients: Cacao from Dominican Republic, coconut cream & coconut sugar from Indonesia, maca, cinnamon, vanilla, chili, pinch of salt. We add guayusa extract (like an Amazonian green tea) for extra energy. The cacao elixir is strictly non-psycho active, but for sure has uplifting effects on the psyche, you are being warned to feel goooood !

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Speed Dating Game

Do you want to meet your one true love? Probably you would like it if they had a conscious eating style like you. Therefore, the Dutch Raw Food & Lifestyle Festival will offer raw vegan speed dating for the first time this year!
Who better to facilitate it than Veronique and Erik, who first met at the DRFF in 2013 and married in 2016!
Register here, with your name, profile name and email address. These details won’t be made public but will allow us to put you in touch with your choices after the workshop.
For a minimum 16 (8 men and 8 women) to max 40 (20 men and 20 women)

Kundalini Yoga

Welcome to join a kundalini yoga set for new energy and better digestion! Kundalini yoga is also called the yoga of the awareness. It can help you to bring things to the surface and change your patterns. With simple sets of yoga poses that you can also do at home. Even just 10 minutes a day and you will already feel the difference. If you have no experience with yoga or when you are an advanced practitioner, this is suitable for everybody.
Marianne is next to being a yoga teacher and Kundalini Yoga Coach, a certified Raw food and Plant Based Chef and Holistic Health Educator. (See also the workshop and food demo earlier in the day on the integration of Yoga & a Plant Based diet). With her company KOKO Kitchen she offers retreats, workshops and catering., Facebook KOKO Kitchen

Solar-powered Music Stage

Wolfsheart – Native American Flutes

Three-time Native American Music Award Winner, Recording Artist, Performer, Native American Flute Player and Singer Wolfsheart, who is perhaps best known for his multiple award-winning rock band Big City Indians is a well-known artist who honours Native American culture through his music. His Indian spirit has carried him to faraway lands across Europe and the U.S. to share his soulful flute music and his Native American leanings. He has received many prestigious awards including three Native American Music Awards. He has also won the Silver Arrow Award multiple times throughout his career thus far.

Funky new STATE Music

STATE Music are a funk band consisting of three men and one woman making very danceable and festive 70’s-like funk music.
A lot of the show is instrumental and partly improvised, and now with singer Nicky, carrying on in the spirit of The Meters, James Brown, The New Master Sounds, and Calibro35 to name but a few influences. In short, this is music that would fit in a 70’s movie without any problem. 

Amado, Singer-songwriter

Amado Hogewoning is a singer-songwriter who was born and raised on Aruba. Although there are no tropical sounds in his music, Amado exudes a relaxed island mentality. His calming voice will transport you to his “dreamland”.” 


DJ Reinout

Gedurende de dag zal DJ Reinout de Bruyn ons trakteren op heerlijke easy tunes.