Are you a passionate happy healthy green raw foodie and/or conscious entrepreneur?
Would you like to share your expertise?
Can we learn something from you?
Did you write a book?
Would you like to interact and bond with your audience?

Take your chance!

At the Dutch Raw Food & Lifestyle Festival we offer you a unique stage to promote your business for free and meet, speak, interrelate directly with an audience that shares a mutual interest in raw, healthy, happy, green, conscious, products and lifestyles.


1. Give a reading, presentation, workshop
2. Offer an interactive workshop where you invite your audience to an interactive experience. For example by making a raw food dish together.
3. Inviting your audience to experience an active physical activity. For example by guiding them into a meditation, offering a yoga practice, walking clinic etc.
Below you will find more information about the different readings/workshops.

1. Lecture/Presentation/Workshop

We take care of a comfortable set up with chairs in theatre setting. The audience can only sit and watch you speak or demonstrate how to prepare a dish for example. Time 50 minutes.

2. Interactive workshop

In this workshop, you invite your audience to actively participate, for example to prepare a raw food dish together with you, or how to make their own natural cosmetics. Time 90 minutes.

3. Active workshop

In this workshop, you offer your audience a physically active workshop indoor or outdoor. Time 50 minutes, but if requested we can see if it is possible to meet other requirements. Please bring all the necessary equipment with you.


Would you like to be part of our exciting workshop programme? Please fill in the application form below and return it to us together with your picture or an image that gives the best impression of your reading/workshop.

Please describe the kind of lecture/presentation/workshop you want to give. This information will also be used - slightly adjusted if necessary - on our website to promote your attendance.

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My reading/presentation/workshop will be in English.My reading/presentation/workshop will be in Dutch.

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When we have received a reasonable amount of applications our organisation team will make an adequate selection. We will let you know as soon as possible if you have been selected or not.