Instagrammer Mees Vullings, aka, Fruitivorous

“When I first got into veganism I noticed how much of an impact changing my diet could have on how I felt. This is what really got me thinking: What if I could feel any better than this? I started researching and I found raw food and fruit in particular. At first it seemed like a really weird concept, but I wanted to know more about it, so I started reading. At the same time I started buying more and more fruit every week and I started to feel better and better. It felt like I was coming up on some sort of drug and it wasn’t stopping. After about a month I felt like eating a fruit based raw diet was the only right thing to do so I switched overnight, although I have to say I was already eating a big amount of fruit each day back then.

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I felt amazing and I still do. I am still coming up on the same drug. Fruit and raw food have changed my life and I believe it can change the entire world. That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing the message of health. Eating fruit has changed me physically and mentally and has awakened me spiritually.”

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Blogger Brünhilde Albers, Everyday Plantpower

When I started adopting a vegan lifestyle it was mainly out of “selfish” reasons. My husband had read books and articles about vegan ultra endurance athletes and being an Ironman triathlete himself, he too wanted to experiment with adopting a vegan lifestyle. At first there was resistance on my part, pretty soon I became a full time vegan, even before he did.

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Festival Journaal

Did you know that there are more than 300 festivals in and around Amsterdam in the summer…?! Madness! Someone better showcase these in a sexy overview. That’s exactly what we’re all about; the Festival Journaal is a tv-show and online On Demand show in which we reveal all about our festival season. We sent our reporters, regular Amsterdammers that know how film with their phones to shoot on location and they edit their own video afterwards. We compile all these videos and form them into our Festival Journaal. This way, you’ll see authentic footage and our reporters show you what they’ve seen, done, experienced, and what made that particular festival unique to visit.

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Bali Vegan Festival, The 3rd Annual Bali Vegan Festival, 6-9th October, 2017

“The Bali Vegan Festival, Bali’s only vegan and vegetarian festival, will hold its third edition in Paradiso and Taksu Ubud, Bali from the 6th-9th of October.
This year, the Bali Vegan Festival is happy to announce Cowspiracy filmmaker and environmentalist Kip Anderson will be joining the line-up of inspiring speakers from around the world. Joining him will be veteran raw vegan runners Alan Murray and Janette Murray-Wakelin, who together ran around Australia (15,782km in 366 consecutive days) on a raw vegan diet to raise awareness for a sustainable future and conscious lifestyle choices.

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Representatives from the Humane Society International as well as the Indonesian Vegetarian Society and BAWA will take to the stage, plus renowned speaker James Aspey, for a talk on ‘How to be an Effective Activist’.
As well as talks, the weekend will play host to scores of other activities including raw vegan dessert workshops, cooking classes, yoga and meditation, live music, healing sessions, movie screenings and a host of children’s activities.
The Bali Vegan Festival seeks to unite the community and spread a message of kindness, compassion and love for animals and the earth. It is dedicated to the proposition that World Peace and universal consciousness starts with each of us cultivating an inner sense of compassion for ourselves and others. The Bali Vegan Festival believes in nourishing the body and soul through organic plant-based food, yoga, meditation and promoting a healthy, cruelty free lifestyle.”

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Astrid, blogger van

Hi, ik ben Astrid. Welkom op ZuiverSap!
ZuiverSap is ooit begonnen als verzameling van mijn shake- en broodrecepten. Jaren schreef ik mijn recepten in een receptenschrift wat te vol en onoverzichtelijk werd. Ik startte een eenvoudige blogspot en al gauw bleek dat mijn recepten niet alleen door mijzelf gelezen werden.
Mijn hele leven vegetarisch kreeg ik last van voedselintorelanties (kaas, melk). Ik las me in en er was geen weg terug: ik werd veganist. Juist hierdoor kreeg ik nog meer plezier in koken en bakken, er is zoveel mogelijk! Ik kook met zoveel mogelijk pure ingrediënten en niet met zakjes en pakjes.

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Vegan eten hoeft niet ingewikkeld of tijdrovend te zijn.
Ik sta veel in de keuken en daar geniet ik van. Sinds kort heb ik mijn droom waargemaakt: een vegan webshop met prachtige duurzame producten zoals pure verzorgingsproducten, mooie duurzame spullen voor in huis of onderweg en een zachte eco-babylijn. Neem eens een kijkje op ShopZuiver

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